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10-16-2011, 02:12 PM
Originally Posted by Captain_Collier
Agreed, I think the old style of Raid is becoming out-dated, some games are starting (or have been for a while) to make versions of their raids for smaller groups.

I havn't tried the new STF's but the old ones, with a half decent team, were pretty easy for me. I like a challenge so I hope the harder versions are more challenging. Although I'm slightly worried becaue Cryptic just like to buff the NPC's HP and damage, there's mroe interesting ways to make things more challenging.
Well I have done space infected and cure, and ground infected...... if you thought the STF's where easy before then you will be able to do them with your eyes closed now.... in a pug team. Im sure they will be changing them before release to make them harder but as they are now... they are just 5 man grind missions.... not STF's... not even fleet actions.