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10-16-2011, 02:39 PM
Originally Posted by Ehnd

I'm trying to get the community a better game by asking nicely. But have fun attacking me as that seems a much better use of your time as opposed to providing meaningful feedback.
No one attacked you. 2 people suggested you you use paragraphs(1 did it indirectly with a link, and then another did it directly by stating it). However, implying someone is a troll IS a personal attack, and we have been told to report anyone who calls anyone else that term:

Originally Posted by Stormshade
If anyone else ever calls someone a troll, that's flaming, and if it's reported, should be dealt with appropriately.

In other words, if anyone other than me ever accuses someone of trolling on these forums, please report them.

Originally Posted by Kerrus View Post
Dude, F2P has a crapload of content.
The only content F2P has that we dont already have now is the Doff system and SOME OF(not all) the new daily missions. Everything else is what is already on live.