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10-16-2011, 03:23 PM
Originally Posted by Alexraptor View Post
They used skin shields in Nemesis purely for the coolness factor.
I mean it wouldnt be as cool if one of the romulan ships wing piece bounced off a shield bubble. :p

Nah seriously though, the concept of skin tight shields is pretty inferior to the bubble idea.
Mainly because the energy fields arent a completely solid barrier, thus the bubble shield offers more protection from kinetic impacts while impact on a skin tight shield will result in kinetic energy being directed right into the hull.
True it was cool and it would be cool also it they add this in the game. I don't think skin tight shields are inferior. Maybe true that the kinetic damage dealt to the ship with bubble shields maybe less but like i said in my previous post with improvements to armour tech should help as well plus we have seen with bubble shields solid objects have passed the shield and with the nemesis skin tight shields we have seen that even shield objects won't go passed the shields. Each have there advantages and disadvantages. Also we see the the skin tight shields are not really that close to the ship so maybe still kinetic damage is still reduced.