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10-16-2011, 06:33 PM
"The Ice Cube" mission series
Part Three
This mission is a storyline filler with a somewhat intense desert ground combat mission toward the end. Much of the combat is optional, but some fighting can not be avoided. Skirt around the enemies where possible to avoid some combat.

Advance SLOWLY in the revolt scene and PULL BACK often. The combatants wander, and one bad shot could pull another entire unit. You don't want that. The upside is, you should get some nice loot drops, especially from enemy units with a Virgin Queen.

Just a quick note if anyone is wondering. These are not self contained missions. They are part of an entire series with a single overarching storyline.

When completed I will remaster all of series one to back port some story and mission building skills I have developed along the way. The story is still coherent as is. The back porting will just be bells and whistles.

The Ice Cube: Part Three (v 0.8 Bug Fix)
Leaves from Wolf 359 in the Sirius Sector Block

OH NOES! In this exciting instalment, replay logs of ancient Borg atrocities on a peaceful species. Take part in genocide and review their foul experiments from centuries ago.

Heavy storyline driven content with a desert ground combat mission at the end. Combat is optional, although it will be hard to avoid the hunters.

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