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10-17-2011, 08:38 AM
Originally Posted by doh123 View Post
Have your tried the Video Options -> framerate stabilizer? When more is going on during movement and such frame rates always drop a bit... even on Windows. Its just if your pushing too hard on it, it'll drop so much you'll notice it.

My screen is a 1920x1200 screen, and yet I play in 1280x800... and its like double the frame rate as full res.

The newer builds can use AA and everything and even at 1280x800 it looks really nice... but there is still some major sound bugs I'm trying to figure out, or wait until they are fixed in WIne before it can really be used, because the sound is currently unusable its so bad.... but the newer builds do have better and slightly faster graphics. If the sound issue is fixed soon, that would be good.
I now tried a self compiled WINE 1.3.28 and .29 engine bundle and the problem with the extreme frame rate loss still persists. Also there is no Core Audio selection, so no sound is available.
I tried every graphics option and 1.3.29 gives virtually all access to any of them but nothing solves the frame rate issue except for things like half resolution and so, which make the game run smoother but the overall quality is a no go then, at least not at a high end machine.
It also doesnīt matter if I have Framerate Stabilizer and Limiter active or not or only one of them at a time. I may try reduced stabilizer setting for 40FPS, currently 60FPS of course but I donīt play at full screen.