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10-17-2011, 09:44 AM
Morn? The bar doesn't even have stools now!

As much as I'd want to see Morn, I wouldn't get my hopes up. It would require to create a brand new set of cosmetic options for alien generator, and in turn it would only give one silent NPC.

Not to mention, you can't sell it on the C-Store...

As for DS9, I don't really mind the nebulas and other stuff around, but what bothers me are the colours. Basically all systems we visit during the game are somewhat reminiscent of the races we fight. During Klingon episodes it's mostly red or orange, for romulans and hirogen it's green or blue, and with cardassians it's... brown. And DS9 surroundings are also all brown. And I don't like when it's too brown...

I imagine DS9 will get a larger revamp sooner or later, just as Sol did. It is clear these locations were made in a hurry. Some traffic would be nice. Docked ships, freighters, merchants etc. Right now it just looks abandoned.