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10-17-2011, 09:52 AM
Originally Posted by DrSynthax View Post
I now tried a self compiled WINE 1.3.28 and .29 engine bundle and the problem with the extreme frame rate loss still persists. Also there is no Core Audio selection, so no sound is available.
I tried every graphics option and 1.3.29 gives virtually all access to any of them but nothing solves the frame rate issue except for things like half resolution and so, which make the game run smoother but the overall quality is a no go then, at least not at a high end machine.
It also doesnīt matter if I have Framerate Stabilizer and Limiter active or not or only one of them at a time. I may try reduced stabilizer setting for 40FPS, currently 60FPS of course but I donīt play at full screen.
not sure what you call extreme framerate loss... but it could be something to do with the GPU drivers. Some work much better than others... but being Apple there is little you can do about this.

1.3.29 and 1.3.30 can both run the game extremely well (for me) in all areas except sound. There are some graphics anomalies if you have AA disabled though... but it looks better with it on. The only reason I haven't upgraded the wrapper to a newer build is... I need to find the source of the audio problems.

Its related to the fact that Wine has overhauled the audio... requiring use of mmdevapi. In the wrappers up, mmdevapi is disabled in winecfg, so you'll get no sound. If you remove the entry for it so it can be used sound will "work" again, but its horribly distorted and echoes itself over and over again. This appears to be a problem unique to the mmdevapi changes in Wine and its CoreAudio driver... so its only affecting Mac OS X.