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10-17-2011, 10:40 AM
J'mpok an Undine... yeah that thought occured to me several times.
Of course that would be a cheap copy of the Dominion-war settup... but since the WHOLE WAR ARC is EXACTLY THAT the chancellor being a changeling is IMO very likley.

Originally Posted by AlchemistiD View Post
Remember the Detapa Council's takeover of Cardassia way back when. The Empire didn't want or need proof that the changelings were involved with the power changing hands, it was only a broad excuse to wage war and take Cardassia over. The Klingons may be actively pursuing the Undine, but by and large it simply gives the Empire an excuse to conquer it's neighbors.

The Klingon-Cardassian war resulted in the Dominion gaining a foothold when the Cardassians willingly welcomed their aid in avenging themselves on the Klingons and retaking everything the Empire had captured. Shortly beforehand it had turned out that it had been the Klingons who had been infiltrated all along. And then Gowron turned out to be crazy, and more willing to die in a blaze of glory than to actually try to preserve his Empire.

The Klingon Empire refused to learn from history, and so doomed the Alpha Quadrant to repeat it.
The Federation refuses to learn here.
If the Federation wouldnt have backstabed their allies by inofficially informing the Cardassians of the Klingnon war effords there wouldnt have been a Cardassia that could have allied with the Dominion, and with that no Dominion war, and MILLIONS of needless deaths wouldnt have happened.

If the Dominion war prooves one thing then that the Klingons were right invading Cardassia.