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10-17-2011, 11:01 AM
Originally Posted by jeffknight View Post
Not all space is supposed to have all those colors. Yes, sometimes they are pretty, but I think we're getting overloaded with them. Simply because you can put in those "nebula" backgrounds and stuff doesn't mean you should. Save that for a "wow" factor in a special mission or something.

Also, what is with the nebula sections in every other mission? If you look @ the series, you aren't in nebulas except one or two times, and they aren't mentioned but maybe two or three a season... again, simply because you can doesn't mean you always should - save this for the "wow" factor!
It isn't about realism or Trek.

It's about actively trying to NOT make it look so much like space that it disorients people. A surprising number of people get dizzy/sick without visual reference points and others still tend to get lost. So thery made a deliberate change.

Now... DS9 is actually supposed to be set against a purple nebula; they just didn't always have the budget to show it.

So the big thing is, it could stand to be toned down and purple.