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10-17-2011, 11:31 AM
Originally Posted by Chase Quinnell
Personally, I always thought that the Intrepid looked extremely unbalanced when landed - the saucer looked like it could easily have caused it to go face-first when sitting on the ground. So in other words, I'm not sure how that highlighted statement can be applied
Actually someone went through the efford and actually CALCULATET arround with the ships mass and the landing gear and the result was that its ABSOLUTLEY IMPOSSIBLE that the Intrepit lands with that landing gear. It neither could be balanced nor could the small landing gear be stable enough to even cary the weight.

Not that I really understood those calculations but its funny to know.

However, its canon she WAS able to land... explain it by... some kind of dampening field... subspace... a magician... its possible "inuniverse".

By the way, the Defaint and Nova have landing gear on thier MSD so they can land too,.... Galaxy and souvereign have no landing gear at their MSD so they cant land unless some fool lets accidantly pilot a Betazoid the saucer section.

Also we already have a landet BoP model...