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10-17-2011, 11:47 AM
Well, I own one of the Voyager Revell models and it isn't stable either.
It is terribly nose-heavy and tends to crash its front into the table each time someone passes if rather quickly.
Unless the Intrepid class balanced differently because the nacelles are rather heavy (for example the warp coils might be of dense material) it would always flip to the front.
They might use a tractor beam to keep the saucer from crashing into the ground but then anyone dumb enough to walk beneath the saucer would be turned into a pancake by the tractor.

As for the mass thingy consider this:
The largest battleship ever built is the Yamato.
263 meters long and 72,000 tons at full load.
The "Starship Spotter" gives the Intrepid the familiar length of 344.5 meters and a weight of 700,000 tons.
Which is the weight of over 9 1/2 fully loaded Yamatos, or 12 Iowas if you prefer.
Unless you land that thing on a granite plateau it's going to crush the ground it's placed on with absolute certainty, especially with those tiny struts which will transmit the ship's entire weight to the ground.