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# 1 STO Forums, Still no Icon
10-17-2011, 01:09 PM

Update: I have discovered a fix for this issue, please check them out a few posts down if you also desire to have a sto icon on your browser tab & bookmarks. Or click here:


I made a topic back in March about this, to which Wishstone replied about "checking with the webbies about it". I'm just wondering if anything came of it.I've resubmitted a ticket on the website, #1215251 - that will hopefully find its way to the webteam.

I have these forums bookmarked and as with many mainstream internet browsers you can store bookmarks on a tab bar across your browser for easy access. These bookmarks often show icons related to the site itself. I was wondering if anyone could reply if they see some icon for our STO forums as I only see a small blank page icon as opposed to say a Star Trek Arrow/Combadge logo for example. I have many other webpages bookmarked and they all seem to push their own bookmark/tab icons when saved/active.

I could not find a more suitable forum section for this question. I guess this is aimed at the web team if Stormshade or Wishy could raise this insignificant question it would be great, but I would like to hear from my fellow gamers.

This is the case for me with:

- Firefox
- Chrome
- Safari

Perhaps this has changed for other forum users in that time, I still experience the same thing, and while I understand USS Cryptic is at maximum warp for Encounter F2P - it would add little touch of something thats been missing for a long, long time.

Can we please get the tab icon from the main website added to the forums please.

Left side (Default World Icon in Chrome) - Right Side (STO Main site Icon)

Thanks again.