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10-17-2011, 03:03 PM
Ok so, after a little searching for Chrome I've discovered an extension which will let me put this to bed (at least on my side).

This is the " I hate your Favicon " extension, or rather " I hate your LACK of favicon " extension in my case. What it does is it adds a small option box by the address bar which you can click when on the site with the favicon you dislike, or one without a favicon (STO Forums), and you can substitute one in.

Its best to use the main sto forums address first, so go to that ->

Click the button, and substitute with this favicon (STO symbol)

Try a few pages, reply, open topic etc... after a while it should work without issue, and give those barren iconless pages an icon!


There is a similar extension for Firefox users, here

Well, I guess MY ISSUE is solved for now, but it would be nice if the STO web team could take two seconds to add this after nearly two years. It really presents STO as more professional and awesome imo.