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10-17-2011, 03:50 PM
Originally Posted by Korhil
I'm not interested in arguing with you. However I need to say that a ships Turn Rate has no impact on its Defence. I don't want people reading this and getting bad information.

For the record I was not demanding an Excelsior buff, I was really after a de-nerf.
It's not really a nerf. You'll only gain a small power buff but you've also just gained a small buff to any skill that uses those Performance skills. Skills like DEM, EWP, EPtS, ES, Aux to SIF and even Captain skill like Nadion Inversion and RSF. The buff may be small but it's a buff to almost every engineering skill used on a Cruiser, and for the cost of a Sci slot (because lets face it, they're all but expendable on a cruiser) I'd say that was worth it.