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So, I am a tac captain in the LRSV - R. I want to fly this ship. I would like to maximize my damage in this ship. I am seeking advice. I do not PvP. I know that PvE is easy. I like to min/max anyway.

My current build is:

2x Phaser Array
1x Quant Torp
3x Phaser Array

Borg set with reman shields

2x weapon power consoles (+7)
2x Phaser weaponry consoles
1x tractor beam console; 1x deflector field console; 1x universal from I think the oberth...though maybe it was from nebula.

Boff Setup:
Tac: FAW I; Torp Spread I
Eng: Engie Team I; EPtA II
Sci: Tractor Beam I; Hazard I; TSS I; Tachyon Beam II; Polarize Hull II; Tyken's Rift II; Photonic Shockwave I; CPB III

My immediate concerns: should I work EPtW into my engie skills, and is EPtA worth it? I have heard photonic shockwave + CPB can be devastating...but I have had lackluster results using this combo...any advice?

Also, with a view towards high sustained DPS, any skills or tactics I missed?