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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
nice history lesson on battle cruiser there, the same rules that applied in those days really seem to apply to star trek ships too. funny how you mention the sovereign being a tactical beast, she actually falls into that battle cruser category, compared to the largest of starfleet battleships, or capital ships like i called them.

when ever i use the word battleship to describe the galaxy class, some know it all or troll is Quick to point out that starfleet doesn't have any battleships! not seeming to know that that is simply the word that classifies the largest ships with the biggest guns, which is an accurate description actually.

i think the size classification is impotent, its silly to think a smaller ship could out fight a larger ship. that being said, the galaxy class is about 2.5 times the sovereign's volume, its overall size and the size of its phaser arrays and 2 enormous torpedo launchers makes me a firm believer that the battleship galaxy is quit a bit more powerful and dangerous then the battle cruiser sovereign, especially if their tech upgrade level was even.

but as far as gameplay goes, that's secondary, we cant have the largest ships be unbeatable. my system does try to take size into account, and having advantages and disadvantages associated with them. that just so happen to work well in a game that requires a massive amount of balancing for competitive play.
I can see where you are going, though of course I'm not sure that I agree with the Soverign. I would class the Soverign as a battleship every bit as much as the Galaxy is. The Soverign IS longer than the galaxy. It also has a qauntum torpedo turret which makes it rather dangerous. Not to mention numerous torpedo launchers that are similar to the Galaxies.

The Galaxy is much more civilian based than the Soverign I was under the belief? That it's larger size meant more luxurious quarters, diplomatic functions and civillian crew. Where as the sovereign was ALL starfleet crew and had much bigger tactical functions?

THAT said, there is no reason that by the 24th Century the Galaxy couldn't have been refitted to include a Galaxy class that was purely tactical and a counter to the larger battleships used by other races!!!

In the end in the case of the ships, so long as they LOOK star trek, FEEL startrek I don't mind how the game is balanced as specific classes are of course going to have changed by the 24th century!