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Originally Posted by Brutoni View Post
I can see where you are going, though of course I'm not sure that I agree with the Soverign. I would class the Soverign as a battleship every bit as much as the Galaxy is. The Soverign IS longer than the galaxy. It also has a qauntum torpedo turret which makes it rather dangerous. Not to mention numerous torpedo launchers that are similar to the Galaxies.

The Galaxy is much more civilian based than the Soverign I was under the belief? That it's larger size meant more luxurious quarters, diplomatic functions and civillian crew. Where as the sovereign was ALL starfleet crew and had much bigger tactical functions?

THAT said, there is no reason that by the 24th Century the Galaxy couldn't have been refitted to include a Galaxy class that was purely tactical and a counter to the larger battleships used by other races!!!

In the end in the case of the ships, so long as they LOOK star trek, FEEL startrek I don't mind how the game is balanced as specific classes are of course going to have changed by the 24th century!
i think we are of the same mind about the game, currently it dose not feel enough like stratrek, but if its to strict with its interpretation then everyone's favorite corvette, the defiant, wouldn't stand a chance against anything excelsior sized, but more modern!

heres the numbers for the volume of each ship
Galaxy 5,820,983
Sovereign 2,429,193
the sovereign might be long low and sleek, but its alot smaller then everyone thinks, its 2.3 times smaller. here's a good picture that shows how actually dwarfed it is.

its small size doesn't leave room for torpedo launchers anywhere near the size of the galaxy's launchers, that can burst anywhere between 7 to 28 torpedoes each, according to some sources. the smaller sovereign launchers can burst 3 or 4 torps, we see them bursting that much, reloading and firing again when it was fighting for its life in nemesis, it wasn't holding back. even with all those launchers, and the quantums it might match the galaxy, but not exceed its torpedo output.

as for phaser arrays, the more emitters in an array, the more energy can be discharged into each shot. even if the sovereign can produce more energy per emitter with it's type 12 emitters, it arrays arnt even half the size of the galaxy's.

they may have intended for the enterprise E to be better then the enterprise D, but an examination of just some of the numbers show that they didn't build a new ship that betters the old one. there's also a quote from berman on trek bbs saying the sovereign is an excelsior replacement, witch makes a whole lot more sense then a galaxy replacement. its understandable that everyone thinks the sovereign is the heavy hitter, they had it showing its best almost every time you see it. almost every time you see a galaxy class its written as the underdog, just because its more suspenseful! or some other insane reason.