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Originally Posted by FirstAngelus View Post
J'mpok an Undine... yeah that thought occured to me several times.
Of course that would be a cheap copy of the Dominion-war settup... but since the WHOLE WAR ARC is EXACTLY THAT the chancellor being a changeling is IMO very likley.

The Federation refuses to learn here.
If the Federation wouldnt have backstabed their allies by inofficially informing the Cardassians of the Klingnon war effords there wouldnt have been a Cardassia that could have allied with the Dominion, and with that no Dominion war, and MILLIONS of needless deaths wouldnt have happened.

If the Dominion war prooves one thing then that the Klingons were right invading Cardassia.
And the Klingons should have known to not tip off an ally that believes in diplomacy first, diplomacy second, then a sharp stick in the enemies eyes.