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10-18-2011, 12:25 AM
Originally Posted by genxcraig View Post
I used to hate Voyager too. Especially the first season and all the way up to replacing Kes (damn I hated her). Then I met Garrett **** at a rave; after that I loved Voyager (and they replaced that wimpy Kes)!

Edit: OMG they redact Garrett's last name? lame.
So i just Googled "Garrett" and "Star Trek Voyager" and laughed for like five minutes..... lol Still haven't grown up. Anyway, I never knew the name of the actor that played Ensign Kim.

I was also glad when Kes left as well. There's this one episode where she's covered in burns or growths or something and she's screaming..... lol That's how I remember her.