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Kyle Tremayne pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration and looked across his ready room desk at the diminutive red skinned face of his helmsman. “Tharg, I understand that the situation with Lieutenant Commander B’toria has been resolved, so why is it that I have my usually serene Chief Medical Officer baying for your blood?”

Tharg paused his large mirror silver eyes blinking nervously. “Well Sir, I may have slightly underestimated things.”


“Yessir, I have already apologised at length to Lieutenant Commander B’toria. In keeping with tradition only one breakable object was thrown, and fortunately it missed me. We are on good terms. Although I fear she will never go easy on me at 3D chess again.” Tharg mustered a weak grin of pointed metallic teeth.

“Indeed? Given your record I will let this incident pass. See that your estimates are more accurate in the future.”


“Dismissed.” Kyle watched Tharg waddle out of the room on his disproportionately short legs and wondered if he had let the Orphasian off too lightly.

Kyle scanned through the personnel file for Lieutenant Minoru Takeda again. Takeda’s academy scores and performance statistics were well beyond those of a lieutenant, he had turned down command development and accepted a data monitoring posting to Starbase 39. There were no discommendations or even a mildly negative note on his disciplinary record. “Well Mr Takeda,” Kyle muttered to himself, “What have you been up to?”

The office door chimed, Kyle deactivated the monitor screen and sat back in his chair. “Enter.”

The door hissed open and a young operations officer stepped in. “Lieutenant Minoru Takeda reporting as requested Sir.”

Kyle rose from his chair and extended a hand in welcome. “Welcome aboard Lieutenant.”

The handshake was firm and confident, no sweaty palms like most junior officers meeting their new captain for the first time. “Thank you Sir. This is my first time on a Dervish class ship, it’s quite remarkable.”

Kyle gestured to the spare chair and settled back down behind his desk. “I’m sure you will adjust quickly. She isn’t as spacious as a station or any of the larger ships, but the engineers did a fine job of not making crew feel like sardines in a tin.”

“I was informed by Admiral T’Nae that my assignment is to act as a computer specialist to assist in the maintenance of the new artificial intelligence.”

Kyle nodded and presented the young officer with a data pad, “That is correct and these are your orders. I am assigning you to Commander Jaro’s staff, he will determine your day to day duties. Due to the sensitive nature of your work you will discuss it with no one outside of your immediate chain of command unless authorised by either the Admiral or myself. All data relating to the A.I. is considered classified and a matter of Federation security.”

“Understood Sir. If I may Sir, is the computer aware of my assignment? A.I.’s can have trust issues.”

Kyle smiled, folded his arms and looked toward the ceiling, “Computer?”

“Yes Captain K... Tremayne?” chimed in the computer with a nervous tone.

“Have you been eavesdropping on Lieutenant Takeda and myself?”

“Um, yes Captain. Should I not have?”

Kyle shrugged at the new Lieutenant. “You are aware of Mr Takeda’s role aboard this ship?”

“Yes Captain, Lieutenant Minoru Takeda has been reassigned from... REDACTED... to study USS Scimitar master A.I. with a secondary role as ExoComp coordinator for the star ship maintenance division. Orders were signed by Admiral T’Nae.”

“Redacted?” queried Kyle.

“I am sorry Captain, fleet certified security subroutine.” Responded the computer mournfully.

“Hardly surprising Sir,” observed Takeda, “Starfleet Security is very thorough when it comes to my previous assignment.”

Kyle frowned, “Your history wouldn’t pose a threat to this ship would it Mr Takeda?”

“Oh no Sir. I don’t know enough to be a risk.”

“Very well, carry on Mr Takeda.” said Kyle as he settled back into his chair.

After the Lieutenant had left, Kyle glanced back up at the ceiling, “Computer, is there anywhere on this ship you do not monitor?”

“Crew quarters unless authorised by internal sensors detection of an unknown anomaly, unauthorised weaponry or a direct order from a commanding officer.”

“Thank you.” Said Kyle somewhat relieved that the crew’s privacy had not be violated.


The ready room door hissed open and Kyle winced as one of the more enthusiastic new ensigns barked a nervous, “Captain on the Bridge!”

Kyle looked around the bridge and noted the reactions. Tharg’s subtle shake of the head and B’Toria’s look of distain at the rookie’s faux pas. He turned to the trembling Ensign, the poor kid looked like he was about to faint, “Thank you Ensign?”

The slightly sweaty face paled, “Galliard, Sir.”

Kyle tried to sound reassuring, “Carry on Mister Galliard.”

“Sir!” The Ensign scuttled off a little faster than Kyle would have liked.

T’Lara had vacated the Captain’s chair and was hovering beside it the same way she had the first time Kyle saw her aboard the USS Seattle at Vega Colony.

“You can take the Commander out of the Yeoman, but you can’t take the Yeoman out of the Commander.” He thought to himself as he settled into The chair.

“What’s our status Hendricks?”

The silver pony tail of the former Borg flicked as she looked over her shoulder from Ops. “The last of the technical crews have disembarked. We are good to go Sir.”

“Good. Mister Tharg, disengage all moorings, thrusters to station keeping.”

“Aye Sir. Moorings disengaged, Thrusters at station keeping.”

Kyle looked up at T’Lara, “Ready to roam free again?”

T’Lara nodded, “Something appropriate but not, I believe the term is, ‘showy’?”

Kyle grinned, and passing T’Lara a datapad displaying their orders, gestured to the drydock framed star field on the view screen.

T’Lara seemed to stiffen her hands clasped at the small of her back. “Mister Tharg, one quarter impulse power.”

“Aye Commander.”

The drydock vanished from view as the Scimitar raced clear of Starbase 39.

“On my mark disengage impulse engines, set course for Deep Space Nine and engage at warp five. Mark!”


Admiral T’Nae stood at her desk and watched as the distant ship performed an impulse drift turn to almost reverse course and hurtled to warp, illuminating the station with the flare from its nacelles as it passed.

“Heh, Tremayne has some guts pulling a stunt like that after the grilling he got. Kurland’s going to have his hands full keeping that one in line. Starship captains really are a breed apart.” observed Lieutenant Commander DeSoto.

T’Nae glanced at her Intelligence Advisor and back at space where the USS Scimitar had been. Memories surfaced and the old sense of excitement not quite forgotten beckoned. “Yes Lieutenant Commander, I suppose we are.”