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Originally Posted by Militis View Post
I like this console, although it could be used to save skill points it's also a nice buff to the majority of the important Engineer skills, that it's universal and can be used in a Sci console slot just makes it even better as you lose a weak console for a useable buff plus the Transwarp options. I can't see what's not to like other than it can't be transferred to other Cruisers.
I understand what you are saying but I challenge your words "nice buff".

I did a bit of number crunching with these consoles using the following skills:

Emergency Power to Shields I
Emergency Power to Shields II (so they had the same base stats)
Directed Energy Modulation II
Eject Warp Plasma II
Extend Shields I
Aux to SIF II
Aceton Field II

I figured this was a decent representation of the engineering skills available to all captains. Ok the engineers themselves have a few more but this is supposed to be for all captains. It is by no means a comprehensive list but it is adequate to prove my point.

Because the two consoles boost Efficiency skills and Performance skills instead of the Maintenance skills these listed abilities fall into two catagories. Those boosted by the Efficiency console (from the T3 Excelsior) and those boosted by the Performance console (T5).
(Where as every engineering skill in the game (give or take one or two) is boosted by one of the Maintenance skills.)

Emergency Power to Shields I
Emergency Power to Shields II
Extend Shields I
Aceton Field II

Directed Energy Modulation II
Eject Warp Plasma II
Aux to SIF II

So now for the results.

Emergency Power to Shields I: +34 shield regeneration for each facing. (1431 to 1465)
Emergency Power to Shields II: +46 shield regeneration for each facing. +1 Power setting for 30 seconds. (1908 to 1954. +32 to +33)
Extend Shields I: +2 shield regeneration per second for 30 seconds. (86 to 88)
Aceton Field II: +95 radiation damage over 30 seconds. (3 dps) (1711 to 1806)

Directed Energy Modulation II: No effect.
Eject Warp Plasma II: +9 radiation damage per second. (373 to 382)
Aux to SIF II: +166 hit points. +1 damage resistance. (4572 to 4738. +34 to +35)

So as you can see from these results, because skills are boosted by EITHER Efficiency OR Performance you have to pick which of your skills you want to boost even if you do want to use a console and even then the gain is negligable.

Now I don't want to come across as completely negative so I'm going to offer a possible solution to this.

I suggest the console be changed to offer a bonus to the 4 Maintenance skills. This would then make it boost all engineering skills slightly. However the magnitude of the boost must also be addressed because, as the numbers above demonstrate, the current numbers do not offer anywhere near sufficient bonus to be worth using.

I hope you found the above information informative.