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10-18-2011, 03:50 PM
Originally Posted by Patarival View Post
Hey there!

Thanks for your service. I'm still working on part 2 of my series. I am almost finsihed and I'm kind of waiting for one if my hands to heal to complete it.
I would be glad if you could give me a report about my part 1 so I have some more feedback. It's a rather old mission, though and doesn't use all features the Foundry has now.

Here it is:

Mission Name: ST-SSR, E01: "Black Boxes"
Author: Patarival
Minimum Level: 31+ (Captain)
Allegiance: Federation
Estimated Mission Length: hard to say ... maybe 30 minutes?
Method of Report Delivery: Forum, please

Thanks a lot!

PS: English is not my first language. I apologize for typos and grammar mistakes.
Thanks for the information on your mission and your note regarding "English is not your first language". I'll keep that in mind as I go through the mission. Perhaps I canprovide information that will help you smooth over any errors I find.

I will take a look at this mission this evening and get the report posted as soon as possible.