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Originally Posted by Duke-of-Rock View Post
I Would be honored if you could give my series a look as well. The final episode is in the construction phase and waiting to see if the bugs have been sorted out prior to publishing. Hopefully when it is ready I will be able to publish without any issues. Thanks for the service you do. Capt.PFDennis is a good friend and recommended I send you these, plus you were dead on with his Class Dismissed series. It is one of my favorite series. Forum Reports are fine as far as report delivery. I realized I don't have the ID #'s at the time I am posting this, but they are very easy to find missions in the main group under Top-Rated or search under my name.
Thanks for the compliment and confidence expressed in my reports and thanks to Capt.PFDennis for his recommendation. I really enjoyed that series too.

Originally Posted by Duke-of-Rock View Post
Spawn of Medusa

"A new enemy, an unlikely ally, and a quadrant in peril."

* Spawn of Medusa
* Duke-of-Rock
* Any Level
* Federation
* Mission time: Approx. 1 hour
* Starting Location: Seedea System - Pi Canis Sector Block
* Easy Trek Trivia Puzzles in unlikely locations. (For newer players)
* Space and Ground Battles
I will provide you with reports on each of your missions separately starting with "Spawn of Medusa" this evening and Iíll get the report up as soon as possible. I will also try to get to the rest this evening as well if time permits. If not I'll do those missions over the next couple of nights.

Thanks again for providing me with the information for your mission.