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10-18-2011, 06:37 PM
Thanks for taking the time to review my mission, and thanks especially for catching that mistake with the Cardassian shown instead of Ujarka. I went ahead and republished to fix that mistake.

I actually tend to agree with you about listing what the mission is about before the details. In most cases, it makes more sense to "sell" the mission first, while you have someone's attention. However, in this case my goal was more to scare off anyone who didn't want a long mission right off the bat. And, really, if someone doesn't have the patience to read a paragraph about my mission, it's going to be a disaster for them if they play it.

Just touching on a couple of your other points. I don't think there's any way for me to change the name of the "Objects". With contacts I know you can change the name, but the objects are all interacts and unless I'm totally missing something, I don't know of any way to change them. Due to the dynamics of the mission, it's not possible to use contacts for any of the freighters because if I do, I can't hide them afterwards.

About the Tat-Kwerg dialogue. That happens because the Objective Complete trigger is broken with dialogues. I wanted her ship to appear and then for them to have that discussion, but I couldn't do that if the dialogue was in the storyline. So, as a work around, I have it so that the dialogue triggers off a reach marker after you start to set an intercept course. I suppose even overhearing the conversation at all might also be a bit contrived, but I'm going to claim artistic license on that.

And during the finale you said the distress signal remained? The reason that is, is because I wanted to make it so that if someone tried to go it alone (or with too few support vessels) and then found out they'd made a mistake, they could still summon help after the fact. Ideally I'd have a separate interact to summon help, but I hit the enemy group limit on the map, so my hands are basically tied.

Regarding the Captain responses, I'll take that to heart and consider how I might integrate it into the mission, and/or future missions. My only reservation is I'd like to avoid putting too many words in someone's mouth (that's why I like providing the multiple responses, it allows the player to choose what he feels fits his captain the best). However, if they are generic enough responses they'll probably be fine.

Considering the insane amount of dialogue in the mission, I probably won't be going back to make any major changes until the sequel is completed, at the minimum. Also, I sort of dread having to republish because whenever I do, I have to go and reset all of the map dialogues because of the damn Foundry bug that breaks them every time I load the mission. It takes me at least an hour or just rechecking in order to republish because I can't afford to have the dialogues broken or it renders the mission unplayable at some points.

Anyway, thanks again. I'm glad you enjoyed the mission, and I am going to take your feedback into account.