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10-18-2011, 11:54 PM
Without going into too many details here is the conversion on my main character:

Holodeck Stats:

Mark of Honor: 0
Mark of Exploration: 23
Mark of Valor: 35
Medal of Excellence: 2621
Medal of Distinction: 0
Medal of Commendation: 0
Medal of Bravery: 0
Medal of Achievement: 0
Badge of Exploration, 5th Order: 750
Badge of Exploration, 4th Order: 375
Badge of Exploration, 3rd Order: 450
Badge of Exploration, 2nd Order: 235
Badge of Exploration, 1st Order: 600
Emblems: 578
Merits: 209415

F2P Conversion:

Dilithium Ore: 59,425
Dilithium Refined: 219,425
EC & GPL were 1:1

I'm a full VA with a Level 4 Diplomat. It started me with 23 Doff's and the opportunity to select three more for my LVL 4 Diplomat.

Plain and simple I have to say the conversion stinks. With the time I spent grinding to get the 578 Emblems I have them in case I wanted to change out and completely refit a new ship but there is no way I can do this with this conversion ratio and I think that's a big ripoff.

When you take a Very Rare Dual Phaser Beam Bank Mk X from K-7 that used to cost I believe 54 Emblems and now they cost almost 23K Refined Dilithium the currency conversion is just not fair. If you use a calculator you'd see that my 578 Emblems should have converted to about 242K not 59K Dilithium Ore. I had a feeling we'd take it in the shorts with the currency conversion but this is worse than I expected.