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10-19-2011, 02:11 AM
Originally Posted by lynerunner View Post
If the economy is so important to this testing phase perhaps they should have fast tracked the money as well as the xp. On an average trip to VA on the main server I accumulate app. 2 million EC. Hitting VA during this test I had around 200k. I would say any information they are gathering about the economy during this test is misleading at best, disasterously off base is more likely.
a legitimate gripe, however if that's the case the data should flush that out, and it would be thrown off by people taking advantage of an exploit to get more EC. I agree the EC does seem more rare in this test, I've only got about 1.2 Million on the character that I leveled up to VA, whereas on the character I ported I had about 4.5 I think this can also be attributed to a lot of players just starting out, therefore the value of items on the exchange is much lower. Supply and demand, you know?