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10-19-2011, 06:39 AM
I doubt it took me that long to unlock everything. In fact, I think I needed half the time of that at most. You don't have to spend more time there than needed, though of course it's appreciated when you do.

I calculated that I get for over 110 Euros worth of goodies and that was without the dilithium added on top of it. (I have 11 chars and the more chars you have, the more value you get, if I only had 1 char I'd get for less than 20 Euros woth of goodies.)

I don't regret my time spent testing, despite the frustrations it is nice to see the incoming changes. Also, if I received a 100% reward for my time spend I'd not be helping out Cryptic, but working for Cryptic instead. I'd basically be on their pay roll then and I'm not sure how I could explain that to the tax department. Especially not when they ask me to pay taxes on the goodies I earned by testing for Cryptic.