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10-19-2011, 09:07 AM
Originally Posted by lynerunner View Post
We are getting less because we're leveling three to four times as fast as we would be on the main server. The number of enemies we face is reduced. The number os missions we have to do is reduced. In no way is the flow of EC during this phase of testing any reflection on how it will be once it goes live. Make any excuses you care to, but the truth is any information they are gathering on the economy at the moment is worthless. I couldn't care less about the replicator bug, it wasn't the point of my post. My post was about priorities and the lack of fixes for issues that are having an impact on our ability to play and test effectively. Studying the economy is something you do later in testing, once the market has had a chance to establish itself and after major issues which effect the ability to actually play the game are dealt with. This is basic beta testing stuff, people.... not rocket science.
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