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10-19-2011, 11:16 AM
Oh here here, I am so for more clothing and very much more footwear options for the Orion females, just having them wear sandles is silly. Also add another vote for the bikini bottom sans the loincloth as well with more belt options. I also agree with releasing some more options to the KDF side.

The Mercenary, Seven of Nine, T'pol, Troi jumpsuit and Bajoran options wpuld fit nicely in with the Nausicans and the Orions as well, they are generic enough to to be used by both sides in my opinon.

The KDF is long overdue for more options other than the furs, bulk and armor of the Klingons only. Yes they are the primary rulers of the KDF but their forces are comrpised of several races. I would love to see the more Gornlike Uniforms brought back too for the big lizards.

Just my opinion to be honest