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10-19-2011, 03:22 PM
Originally Posted by mack_dorgeans View Post
At this point, I'll be happy if the KDF side DOFF system ever gets a way to score tier 3 or 4 in a CXP category. At the present rate, I don't expect many (if any) Klingon characters on Tribble will be able to score the highest DOFF testing reward.

Then again, I'm not even sure Diplomacy counts on the Fed side, in which case it's just as bad there.
By my knowledge you only need to get the commendation up to tier 3 on either side. It was nowhere mentioned that you need to do it for both the Klingons and the feds. This wouldn't make sense either since the Klingons opened up a week later and started with a big disadvantage.

It was already stated by Heretic that the diplomacy commendation will count. It was also stated that once it gets reworked you keep the same tier you have achieved at that moment.

It doesn't hurt to get a 2nd commendation up to tier 3 though, so that's what I'm currently working on. My diplomacy will hit tier 4 tomorrow or the day after (going for t4 for the ds9 transwarp reward and because it was easy to do so with the doff system) and I'm also working on medical exp, which is at about 17k/50k now. I don't expect to hit the 50k though, but Heretic already said that the amount required for t3 and t4 will get lowered. I don't know if currently gained exp will stay unaffected, but we'll find out about that in several days from now with the patch update.