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Uncertain Changes
* New Economy:
This should be good a good thing. I love the idea that all those miscellaneous badges, marks, medals, emblems, etc. have been condensed into a universal currency. This reduction in complexity should be great! However, as things are shaping up now, it's becoming the opposite.

For starters, Dilithium this isn't a single currency. There is Ore (which is unusable, and what you get from most missions, rewards, etc.) and Refinded (the version you can actually spend). The two are fully under a Cryptic-controlled, time-gated, limiting process called Refining that converts "bad" Dilithium Ore to "good" Refined Dilithium. Subscribers should not be time-gated (see above).

Dilithium is looking like it's going to be uber-grindtastic and all around Bad. Especially the way Dilithium is insinuating it's way into every portion of the game. Cryptic is locking away all the good stuff behind the Dilithium key, and each player must pay the piper individually. You can't craft around it (again, for the better items), and even the formally BoE Emblem Gear is now BoP (see above).

The currency unification has been further muddled by the new STF "currencies" - Where we used to simply have Marks of Valor we now have a plethora of "tokens" that are exchanged for "requisitions" to "buy" ("craft"?) the awesome new STF gear. I love the choice this allows, but so far feel it's implementation is confusing and overpriced (ie grindy). (Details here and here.)

Anyway, I'm going to leave the Economy under the Uncertain section, because I want to hope it all won't be so evil as it feels now. Maybe when the dust settles, Cryptic gets their test data, tweaks the numbers, etc. Things will be fair and reasonable. Yeah. It might happen... Anyway, here's a Dev blog on the subject:

* The Dilithium <-> C-Point Exchange:
Instead of buying C-Store items (ships, etc.) with saved-up Emblems or Badges, the "in-game" method for buying C-Store items will involve a special Exchange whereby a player can somehow trade the in-game Refined Dilithium currency for the out-of-game C-Store C-Points.

This is not in Tribble yet, so details are sketchy. The jist is that you can buy other players' purchased/stipend CP that they are selling (at an unregulated/market-controlled rate) with your Dilithium. My gut feeling is this will also be Bad, at the very least it won't be a "sure thing" like grinding for 500 Emblems, but I'm trying to reserve judgement and be hopeful. Some interesting/related links:

* Respec Purchases:
Subscribers still get Respec Tokens from ranking and Vet Rewards. These should be plenty for most players. However, some people really are into tweaking, and the in-game method to buy additional respects via Merits (or Honor) has been removed. I do not believe an alternate currency can be been used (such as Dilithium or EC). So if you run out of the freebies you have to buy from the C-Store (at nearly double the pre-F2P price). I'm not yet sure if this is working as intended, nor exactly how it would affect game play either way. Personally, now that I know how the skill system works, it's pretty easy to get the character I want within one or two adjustments, which I'll get for free. YMMV.

* Pay-to-Win:
The New Wave of C-Store ships (and potentially other items in the future) are Tier +1, they "are typically slightly stronger in some way, and they include a valuable piece of gear that is only available with that ship." - This is known as "Pay-to-Win" (P2W). I know most people consider this a negative, and on some levels I do too (my rant/thoughts here (link coming soon)). But there are others that don't. Not to mention this has been going on more and more in the game for a long time, so it's not really a "change" and I could accept it they don't take away what they sell you (see Excel Nerf, above). For now, I'm going to leave this squarely in the Uncertain section. Related link:

* Forced Mission Progression:
On Tribble you're forced to perform the Story Missions in a particular order. You can't skip one if it's broken or say if you're on a duplicate character and you simply don't like a particlar episode. This has even caused problems where VAs can't get to Borg Space because they've not got to the mission that sends them there. I don't like the Forced Progression, but have put it in Uncertain because the EEPH has said it's bad and it will be changed.

* Klingon Faction Reorganization:
The Klingon Faction used to be unlocked once a player's first character completed Lieutenant 5, reached Lt. 6 (Level 6), and achieved the Blood of the Warrior accolade. Any new Klingon Defense Force (KDF) character created after this would start at Lt. 6, but then be able to level-up from there. When F2P goes live, the KDF will now unlock and start at Lt. Commander 7 (Level 17). Cryptic has starved the KDF faction to such a point that they finally had to admit it's only a half-faction (at best), and they are trying to compensate for that. I know many players are upset by this, and I can understand why.

Cryptic says they want a strong faction and in the future they'll relaunch the KDF as such. We all know the many broken words Cryptic has said about the KDF going back to STO Beta (those who don't know can click here). I'm only "reporting" the (still) current state of things. Suffice to say, I'll believe it when I see it. I too feel the pain of my Klingon Brethern, so please let us not use this thread to devolve into another KDF rant. (I thank you for your restraint.)

However... Like it or hate it, it's true there really isn't enough KDF content at this time for a full game play experience, so maybe this isn't really that bad of an idea. I'm putting this in Uncertain, as only time will tell. Details on the new Half-KDF:
Revoked Changes
* T5 Excel Nerf - Fixed
10/31/11 Update: The Excel is being reverted to match Holodeck (11/04 Fix is made). On 10/20 the T5 Excel on Tribble was given a nerf, which included some console switch-a-roo non-sense and the loss of 1/3 of it's TW powers. This is great news!
History: Original Nerf Release Notes, Comments: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6].
I will try to keep up with changes as they occur. I welcome your on-topic posts and comments. If you notice a change in the game I haven't mentioned, please post that too.