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10-19-2011, 06:21 PM
Originally Posted by PatricianVetinari
* No VA Ship Token:
Originally all ship tokens were removed from the game. Cryptic restored subscriber Ship Tokens for ranking up through Rear Admiral, but they have not restored the Vice Admiral/Lieutenant General Token. You want a new ship for your End Game? C-Points Only.
I would argue that "VA" ships are no more "End-game ships" than the ones you get at level 41. They're still Tier 5 ships, but they have also always been "+1 ships" because the main difference from other ships in their class stat-wise is that they all have a special ability. So you do get a non-C-Store "End-game" ship, as you always have. At level 41.

EDIT: Also, you put in the C-Store Prices and Time-Gated Conversion in the Negative changes category when it's based on the changing Economy, which you have stated yourself is an uncertain change. So you do understand that this system is in flux and is still undergoing changes, but you're still going to make a blanket good/bad statement on it?

The same goes for the "Relentless" nerf. You've acknowledged that you know they're still working on it but you've went ahead and declared it a negative when you don't know what the results will be.