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10-19-2011, 05:21 PM
You missed the forced episode chaining, which I think the majority sees as negative.

I would argue that "VA" ships are no more "End-game ships" than the ones you get at level 41. They're still Tier 5 ships, but they have also always been "+1 ships" because the main difference from other ships in their class stat-wise is that they all have a special ability. So you do get a non-C-Store "End-game" ship, as you always have. At level 41.
The VA ships have never been +1 ships. They were always arguably balanced by the loss of a console slot for their ability. Some of those powers offer very questionable balance, certainly. However, they were far closer to balanced than the true +1 ships which get an extra BOFF slot, extra console slot, and a power to put in that extra console slot. There is no semblance of balance to those ships.