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Originally Posted by momiji View Post
I just been told my species is too god-like to be in an RP group -.-! Maybe to lesser life-forms they are like that but to any trek-speices they are simply slightly more technologically along the food chain :3
?? Momo never God Moded...? whats wrong with those that fear Do not know..

Who knows where the music Flows ..The Senshi does..

Have another drink on me
I've been empty since USS Arizona
I turned my back on me
And I faced the face of who I thought I…was

27 years in starfleet jon luc dint turn his back on France
probly where they'll bury he
The Place where he wants to be
Enterprise D..

One Borg lead to another
Movin' like the fog on the Cumberland River
I was leaving on the Delta Queen
I wasn't ready to go
I'm never ready to go
From the Holodeck so safe
i should go..

The queen Borg of diamonds let you down,
She was just an empty fable
The queen of hearts you say you never met
Your twisted fate has found you out
Bev was married like you to the Fleet.

Youre all alone i nthe centre seat
you seald your fate along time ago
maybe tommorrow..