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10-19-2011, 08:55 PM
This is what I recommend. You will do a lot of Damage with this setup.

3x Phaser Array
3x Phaser Array

Full Borg Set:

1x weapon power consoles (+7)
1x EPS Flow Regulator
2x Phaser weaponry consoles
1x Borg Universal; 1x deflector field console; 1x Tomographic 1x Halon System

Boff Setup:
Tac: Beam Overload I; Beam Overload 2
Eng: EPtS 1; EPtS II
Sci: Tractor Beam I; Polarized Hull 1 I; TSS I; Feedback Pulse I; Science Team 2(You might want to change this to something more offensive like Tachyon Beam); Tyken's Rift II; Hazard Emitters 3; Gravity Well 3