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10-19-2011, 10:56 PM
Nice summary, but I would argue some of your negative points:

* No VA Ship Token:

While you indeed not get a token anymore, you gain dilithium during leveling and if you have a subscription you gain teh above mentioned 400 cp per month. Hence, as a subscription player there is most likely no limitation in getting a VA ship when you rank up (if you do this optimised for the new rewards).

* C-Store Prices got Jacked-Up!

Your example is the 1600 cp ship that was 1200 before, which in the end is actually a 0 increase for players with subscription, since tehy get 400 cp now (each month) and did not get any before. Considering that some other items kept the price or actually got cheaper the statment that C-Store Prices got Jacked up is not generally correct.

In any case, if I look at the balance sheet I am so far linking most of the changes. The most critical imbalance is with Dilithium and Dilithium prices for items to my mind.