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10-20-2011, 01:15 AM
Originally Posted by PatricianVetinari
* Respect Purchases:
We still get Respect Tokens from ranking and Vet Rewards. However the in-game method to buy additional respects via Merits (or Honor) has been removed. I do not believe an alternate currency has been used (such as Dilithium or EC). So if you run out of the freebies you have to buy from the C-Store (at nearly double the price). I'm not yet sure if this is working as intended, nor exactly how it would affect game play either way.
Not that I want to seem like the grammar/spelling police, but I think you mean "Respec" (or Captain Retrain) tokens.. Nobody can buy Respect. It has to be earned (and not with Merits either).

However, Respec tokens do tie in with the Dilithium/C-points Exchange, since it's theoretically possible to get the C-points for a Captain Retrain token from the Exchange of currency.