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10-20-2011, 05:54 AM
Unlike other sci-fi shows, A good Star Trek series does (or learns to do) one thing right, it builds a strong supporting cast. Open any sci-fi adventure to learn about the captain and his best buddies (Andromeda anyone?). Some of the best moments of Start Trek are about the supporting characters and how the main characters interact with them.

With Voyager, you never learn about the extras. Offhand I can count maybe three supporting characters that have repeat appearances, but I learned nothing about them. TNG had the most (Ogawa, O’Brian, Keiko, Barclay, Guinan to name a few). DS9 (Garak, Martok, Nog are a couple names). Even Enterprise has more then Voyager (Soval, Hayes, Cutler come to mind). If we go way back, TOS had Scotty, Chapel, and Rand.

Don’t discount Enterprise too much. It covered topics that were a lot more serious and had the challenge of following continuity. The last season of Enterprise may have been the best one ever. For instance, they actually presented a very plausible way that the Federation could be founded despite the fact that the species are all so different, and in some cases even at war with each other. Voyager doesn’t have a single script in its entire seven seasons that tries to touch on something so complex and important to the Star Trek community.