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10-20-2011, 06:38 AM
Originally Posted by Buckler
Do the Borg have weakness to any weapon types on the ground or in space? How should I equip my captn and ship to fight the Borg?
You can use anything against the Borg in space, although like everything else Escorts are the most efficient way of destroying them.
For Ground then anything with high damage single shot weapons are very effective; Sniper Rifles, Compression Pistols and Blast Assaults (I don't like the latter personally). If you're a Tac however then you can make good use of pulsewaves, my Tac regularly one shots entire patrols of Borg when fully buffed and because it's all one big hit on multiple targets you'll get the usual 4 or 5 shots off before having to remodulate.

As for equipment, the new STFs (due with F2P) will drop salvage with which you can claim [Borg] weapons that have a chance for bonus damage against the Borg, you'll also be able to requisition ship and ground sets. For now though the Mk X or mk XI weapons that are readily available in game are more than good enough for STFs.