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10-20-2011, 08:14 AM
Originally Posted by Mazimer
voyager - once kes is gone, le wild awesome series appears! except neelix, oh the nagging, oh my GOD.

enterprise was awesome in my opinion (the only show where u remember the cook :3) and managed to stay in continuity and add a few quirks of its own (read - they messed it up with the temporal war - alltho i liked daniels D

PS: major kira sucks.

/end opinion
Oh, what an ironic post...

You remember Neelix in your first line, then claim Enterprise was the only show where you remember the cook... Apparently not.

Voyager had some decent episodes, but as a whole, DS9 was so much better, simply for the characters and the way they developed. O'Brien and Bashir for example. They hate each other when it starts, but through some damn fine charcater interactions, they are the best of friends by the end of it. Odo and Quark - friendly enemies, and that was at the best of times.

The closest Voyager came to that kind of thing was Kim and Paris.

Oh, and if Major Kira really does suck, Odo is one lucky individual...