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10-20-2011, 09:04 AM
Special Task Force
  • Infected Space
    • Destroying the Gate and Transformers is now a much more linear process.
      • To destroy the Gate you must destroy both Transformers.
      • To destroy the Transformers you must destroy all four Generators.
      • All objects are now targetable (damageable) when the puzzle starts
      • You no longer have to damage one object to make a second object targetable.
        • As you destroy the objects, be on the lookout for reinforcements.
  • Cure Space
    • Healing puzzle changes similar to that of Infected Space.
    • The attackers going for the Kang have been increased slightly.
  • Cure Ground
    • Mini Boss Turrets have had a damage and health boost.
    • You can no longer climb over the boss shield in the Armek Fight.
  • Queue
    • Players will be kicked from the STF maps after the mission completes (or fails). You have 3 min to get any loot thatís dropped before you are removed.
    • STF Private Queues now require at least 3 people to start.
    • Fixed the bug that was not giving dead players on the STFs their loot.

Known Issues:
  • Some icons for the +1 ship consoles are placeholder. Please pardon our space dust.
  • Klingon Academy is missing itís map.
  • Auto Teaming not properly teaming people in the STFís
  • Gates are immune to torpedo damage, and carrier pets not acting correctly. Fix should be on the way soon for both issues.
  • If you transferred your character and are not seeing your CXP from the Doff system donít worry! Youíre still earning it, you just cant see it. We have a fix coming soon