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10-20-2011, 09:13 AM

* Returned the ability to craft uncommon or rare even-mark gear, but with a cost in dilithium in addition to crafting materials.
o The dilithium cost is a percentage of the cost to flat out buy the item from the dilithium store. The dilithium cost percentage increases with the rank of the item you’re crafting.
* Very rare gear is still only craftable at the odd marks (including Mk XI), with a dilithium cost.
* The same crafting update in progress for Klingons.
I just saw that crafting now costs dilithiums and skipped the rest to say this: Wut? Why? But..... uggh I guess it was a way of doing something without being tied into the dilithium economy which made you change it to make yet another feature dependent on dilithium. Thanks Cryptic.