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10-20-2011, 10:47 AM
Like all Star trek series, it takes about 1-2 seasons before the show really gets good.

The Next Generation
It was to much "1960" in the story and at the FX departement.
Just check the first episodes on season 1, whata hell happend? Even the first was a facepalm for me. I love Q, but his first appearence was to much of a laughter
In my opinion, the story and the cast really got things going on Season 3, rest is just junk.

Deep Space Nine
Probably the only series the start off good, and ends with a climax!
That first officer Bajoran girl is though quite annoying and a bad actor, took one season before she was able to play her character in a respectful manner.
Anyway, this series had the best chraracter developements, Quark and odo, O'brian and Bashir. Their interactions was fun, interesting and entertaining. And the story just blew my mind away after Season 3 when the Dominion started to get into play.

1-2 Seasons are bollocks, they start quite good though on average. But Janway is a painway. and the other cast can't really figure out their role in the series.
The Doctor was the real hero of Voyager, his acting is so good and entertaining.
Painway got to be Jainway after Season 4, was about then she had learned to play her character then some Redneck woman with children on a ship.

Mayweather, do I need to say more?
I think the story and cast went off really good, but Mayweather, what a guy.. I think it is the first episode when he lift up his heart to their unknown friend in a shuttlepod as they go down to a planet. Right there I just had the feeling to walk up and down his ***.
But I think it was in Season 3 when they writers had came to the conclusion that he should probably shut up.