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10-20-2011, 09:47 AM
Originally Posted by Simale
I think all consoles should be possible to use on any ships and that the saucer separation and cloak should be consoles too. We do have to sacrifice an item slot to use these and even if you had all these special consoles on one ship, you wouldn't be invincible as the lack of console boosts for shields, weapons, deflectors, engines etc would make you vulnerable.
I totally see the point of all the posters claiming that the added console slots without actual consoles being added is somewhat unfair, BUT...

If you plan on making a change/re-nerf Cryptic, PLEASE don't take away the new console slots on these ships. The Galaxy-X and Galaxy Refit really needed a buff to begin with. Instead, just make the cloak / saucer sep. a console again. This way, I can choose what slot to give up (or not to have the ability at all), instead of having it forced into places where I don't really want it.