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10-20-2011, 11:10 AM
Originally Posted by Lukas2409
Enterprise was Oscar worthy compared to Voyager. Enterprise went back on nothing unlike Voyager. Enterprise showed a new group of explorers finding there feet. The Characters were much mire then the 2d characters of Voyager. Read the other posts and Moores interview because you've clearly missed something.
No what you are missing is that Enterprise was still on the drawing board when Moore made those comments. Which makes it true at that point Voyager was the weakest show. I can recount only three good episodes of Enterprise, the mirror episode, the T'Pol time travel story, and the borg episode. All the rest of that show is a blur of terrible writing. Meanwhile, Voyager has tons of great episodes like Prime Factors, The '37s, Future's End, The Q & The Grey, Resistance, Flashback, The Swarm, Scorpion, The Gift, The Raven, Year of Hell, Message in a Bottle, Prey, The Killing Game, Living Witness, Equinox, Drone, Pathfinder, One Small Step, and End Game.