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10-20-2011, 02:45 PM
it's a really simple solution Hort, no need to talk of dimensions etc. It's simple, hard to understand why people find it so hard to understand.

The mirror universe's divergence starts somewhere around the time the first colony was founded there (Star Trek: Dark Victory) [Even if we dissalow soft-cannon sources it really doesn't matter, the Mirror Universe is still an alternate timeline running parallel to our own.

The same goes for the new Abram's Universe, it's divergence point is the point at which Nero's ship comes through. It's an abnormal divergence caused by time-travel, as opposed to the natural divergence of time (Every event that occurs sprouts many new timelines), the matter of dumping advanced super technologies in this timeline cause it's populations to advance shockingly in response.

It's simple to get your head around too. It's another universe, just like the prime universe and the mirror universe, only difference is we get an entire movie from that universe's perspective.

The issues you've raised Hort are simply editorial/plot issues used to entice new fans to the franchise (Which it successfully achieved), and can be overlooked to a degree, as it's not the actual "universes" fault, and who's to say those events didn't happen... have you sat and watched his entire childhood?