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10-20-2011, 02:47 PM
I am a crafter, not the only one in the 44th, but the only one left in the House of Citak (as the majority of the fleet rage-quit over P2W when you put in the Rhode Island).

This kills all motivation for me to craft.

And, as a casual player, I find it insulting for you to assume I will be happy settling for odd-mark gear from crafting because I loath repetitive daily grinding.

It was bad enough having to grind exploration to get loads of anomalies, then worse when you screwed us with the rare particle traces (which were off-balance in the recipes and drop rates), now, adding Dilithium to the mix, I am done with crafting.

You want some advice? Stop thinking you get a pass for blatant railroading of Gold Subscribers to the C-$tore, and the sorry service ethic of the industry at large does not excuse or justify your own bad behavior and avarice.

Ever since the PW acquisition, you've continuously ignored the major points of our feedback, when this game dies, don't blame us, blame yourselves.