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10-20-2011, 02:50 PM
Long story short:
You basically killed crafting in Star Trek Online with this "revision".

I am sorry, but this is nuts. Crafting is and has always been an additional way in any game to get gear.
R&D was never a very well thought out system in STO. Compare R&D to another successful
games like Lotro etc. and you see a billion light year difference what crafting is and should look like.

The Dilithium component is a very bad move and makes no sense at al. Dilithium is a currency in Star Trek Online and not a crafting component. It would and could have been a component if it wasn't used for Economy values.

If we go deeper and look at it on an other angle we can pretty much say that crafting has become a pay to gear yourself now. Given the fact, of course, that Dilithium can be traded to C-Points, which are purchased by real money.

Instead of making and advancing crafting as an important and more important ingame element you ruined it.
Instead of adding more stations to craft and not having you to fly to Memory Alpha or Kronos all the time, you again missed the point and added nothing but the element of "Let's focus on a feature how we can make money out of it".

This is bad. With this I will never craft again items which involve Dilithium as a component.

The only way this systems as it is on Tribble now is acceptable would be crafting C-Store Ships. This I could understand, but not the very weak gear equipment found in R&D.

Epic Fail.