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10-20-2011, 02:55 PM
The standard gear that can be crafted using a Dilithium contribution is generally identical to the gear found in stores for sale using only Dilithium, but the Dilithium cost when crafting is much lower. Thus, players that put the time into collecting samples and improving their crafting skill can get the same gear at a substantially lower cost.
Ummmm. no and no... the gear in the DL stores is better, the modifiers are more preferred. Also, the drops for a particular level of data samples are not limited to one area now. If I wanted blue data samples I knew where to go to get them, now an assortment of levels of data samples are dropped.

Mr. D'Angelo, have YOU sat down, picked and item, and collected 30 purple data samples of the same type PLUS the required anomalies to go along with it? How long did it take you? I understand your idea... but the DL prices need to be in the low hundreds for Mark XI gear.... and

1. because it would be another EC sink
2. Fleet crafters could use the EC from fleet banks
3. Set it high if you want... 50K EC...