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10-20-2011, 04:14 PM
The basics of crafting have not been altered.
^ You Sir are a blatent lier. I had hopes that you might help STO...way to see another dream burst into flames.

I feel sorry for Star Trek every time a new Path to P2W Blog arises b/c this is the only "real" Star Trek MMO.....oh well. One can dream of a TOR equivalent to STO in the future.

Gear from Mark II, Mark IV, Mark VI, Mark VIII, Mark IX, Mark X, and Mark XI are crafted using samples, but also require a contribution of Refined Dilithium to complete the crafting.
^ Why? Why is dilithium aka grindfest needed...? Why not keep the basic samples / traces???

Originally Posted by wardyboy
I'm sorry but this blog shows you have no grasp of how or why people craft in this game. Fleet crafters are going to be non existant. Some players want nothing to do with crafting in a game but they will buy from people who like to craft, with these changes that is no longer possible. I have had high hopes for this game since the start, but now it's starting to look very grim indeed.
^ I guess I really should find time to craft purples or get one of my friends to craft for me before crafting is turned into an even more grindfest / disaster.

WAY TO FAIL CRYPTIC. me when I say you don't want me posting on the Tribble Forums :/